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Manor Lodge Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team


Greg Yates

 Deputy Headteacher and IR Lead

Jennie Camps

(Designated Safeguarding Lead / Inclusion and Welfare Lead)

 Assistant Headteachers

Steve Lo (SENDCo and Locality Lead SENDCo)

Lindsey McGrath (Teaching and Learning /

Key Stage 2 Lead)

 School Business ManagerJo Bunting 

EYFS Leader

Nicola Jones

Key Stage 1 LeaderChrissie Drummond
Key Stage 2 LeaderLindsey McGrath


EYFS and Nursery Team

  EYFS Teachers

Nicola Jones (EYFS Lead)

Mia Gascon-Saiz

Katherine Hannan (Nursery Lead)

Liane Kelly

Imogen Lansdale (Early SEND identification)

  EYFS Support Staff

Katie Day (HLTA and Communication Champion)

Stacey Rasdale 

Alisha Linton 

Kelly Newton


Key Stage 1 Teachers and Support Staff

Key Stage 1 Teachers

Christina Drummond  (KS1 Leader/Phonics Leader)

Charlotte Oxley (PE Lead)

Mai Al-Hakam (Early Careers Teacher)

Mahirah Khan (Art Lead)

Key Stage 1
Support Staff

Amy Howell (HLTA)

Kerry Francis

Kerry Pacey

Gemma Allen

Catherine Marsden

Eternity Hextall 


Year 3/4 Teachers and Support Staff

Year 3/4 Teachers

Sharon Bell-Williamson (EAL Lead)

Rebecca Merriman (History and Geography Lead)

Emily Parsons (Music Lead)

Alun Howes (Science and Computing Lead)

Lindsey McGrath (Assistant Headteacher)

Danielle Halkyard (Reading Lead - maternity)

Helen Sewell (Writing Lead - maternity)

Year 3/4 
Support Staff

Anita Bridges

Annie Morris

Kelsey Ventour

Kay Allison (Learning Mentor)


Year 5/6 Teachers and Support Staff

Year 5/6 Teachers

Julie Sykes (Maths Lead)

Tom Fletcher (Assistant SENDCo)

Luke Marsh (Early Careers Teacher)

Alun Howes (Science and Computing Lead)

Year 5/6 
Support Staff

Ferhat Mahmood

Julie Dale (HLTA)

Jackie Thompson

Sally Hoyland (PM – learning support)

Lewis Crookes


Inclusion Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jennie Camps


Assistant SENDCo

Steve Lo

Tom Fletcher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Stacey Baker (Mon-Weds)

Learning Mentors

Kay Allison 

Alisha Linton

Kelsey Ventour 

Attendance and Pupil Support

Sally Hoyland

Integrated Resource Staff
The Pride

Jennie Camps & Steve Lo

Siobhan Boardman

Karley Whitely

Anjum Ahmed

Christine Bagshaw


Administration Staff

Jo Bunting

School Business Manager

Angela Terry

Administration Assistant

Paige ScarboroughAdministration/Finance Assistant

Ronnie Waddingham

Administration Assistant

Breakfast Club

Lynn Collins

Breakfast Club Supervisor

Sue Lavender

Breakfast Club Supervisor

Lunch Time Staff

Roseta Kamara

Lunchtime Supervisor

Jackie May

Lunchtime Supervisor

Pat Yates

Lunchtime Supervisor

After School Club- Moving to External Provider JPAC from Easter 2024

Chantelle Evans

After School Club

Christine Bagshaw

After School Club

Premises Staff

Pete O’Malley

Building Supervisor

Lisa MillingtonCleaner

Jen Williams


Leanne McQuillanCleaner