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Pastoral Care- Inclusion Team

Inclusion & Welfare Team

We have a team of professionals at Manor Lodge who meet regularly to discuss the provision for the well-being of pupils and their families. The team includes:

  • Safeguarding & Inclusion Lead (Mrs Camps)
  • SENDCO Mr Lo
  • Our team of Learning Mentors: Miss Allson, Miss Linton, Miss Ventour 
  • Safeguarding Officer (Mrs Baker)
  • Assistant SENDCO (Mr Fletcher)
  • Attendance & Pupil Support Officer (Mrs Hoyland) 


We also draw on visiting professionals for advice and support for our pupils and families. These include:

  • School Counsellor (Unravel)
  • Outreach Workers from Rowan & Mossbrook Special Schools
  • Autism Team
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Speech & Language Therapists


Work is done to develop whole school practice as well as offer timely and targeted support to individuals or groups identified when concerns are raised, sometimes by the pupils themselves, their families or colleagues.

Some of the holistic work done at  Manor Lodge has involved training our staff in developing children’s self-regulation and building their self-esteem. We use zones of Regulation to do this.
The video below can be really useful to help explain why we sometimes lose control of our emotions and how we can help to stop this.

Why do we lose control of our emotions?

The links below are to websites with a host of excellent resources and links to organisations to support well-being for children, young people, families and professionals.

Well-being resources zone

NHS every mind matters

Sleep hygiene for children

Childline Toolbox