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Manor Lodge's Pride - Our Integrated Resource

Our Integrated Resource 'The Pride,' at Manor Lodge 

On January 31st 2022, Manor Lodge Community Primary and Nursery School was proud to announce the opening of a brand new, purpose built Integrated Resource (IR). 

Working hand in hand with our mainstream school staff, 'The Pride' is a 10 place Resource for children in Foundation Stage and KS1, providing inclusive, supportive and accessible learning experiences for its pupils.


We believe passionately in a personalised, flexible approach to engage children and families in learning and to prepare them for their individualised next steps as well as preparation for the world beyond the classroom.

Pupils, who have an EHCP, will have an education delivered by a specialist team including a designated teacher, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and other SEND teaching assistants. The IR is further supported by our Trust and Locality of schools.  This enables us to provide pupils who attend our IR, with a curriculum suited to their needs and better opportunities to achieve their potential.


At all times, we try to encourage integration within the mainstream classroom but we are also very flexible with how we achieve this. Integration may start slowly for some children. but gradually we work out ways to build this up. Our curriculum is built around opportunities designed to reach the outcomes within each child's EHCP. There is a strong emphasis on developing communication, social interaction and emotional regulation.


The additional IR classroom is attached to the main school building and in a pleasant location next to the garden area. Children have a short walk up a ramp to the main school where they can join their classes for different parts of the day. 


It was with such pride that the IR was built at Manor Lodge that we decided to call our new IR ‘The Pride.’ When a pupil attends they will become a Manor Lodge 'Lion Cub' and also a member of a class within the main school.

Sheffield South East Trust schools (SSET) have always wanted to ensure that the city’s youngest pupils are catered for in a nurturing environment. Within this setting, learning is delivered by trained practitioners to promote children's independence and individual growth from an early age. We have pulled together a skilled team who will enable children to access the mainstream curriculum as much as possible alongside inclusive, supportive and accessible learning experiences and interventions.   


We are really excited to welcome Foundation Stage and KS1 children and their families into The Pride IR. Many children who attend have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or Communication & Language needs. We are looking forward to continuing to share our experiences and successes with you in the  future, as the IR continues to establish itself and becomes a proud part of Manor Lodge Community Primary School.



The Pride Information Leaflet