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W/C 8.6.20

Good morning to all our Y3s and Y4s! 

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and managed to have fun despite the wet weather.

This week, as part of your Home Learning, we would like you to complete some work based on an inspirational figure - someone who inspires you!


Below are all the learning tasks for this week (8th June 2020)


Miss Holmes, Ms Merriman, Mrs Bell-Williamson, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Thompson,

Mrs Moore, Mrs Case and Mrs Legge 

Try your best! smiley

In writing this week, we would like you to create a certificate. We would like you to award an inspirational person a certificate and explain why they are someone you look up to, respect and admire. Please use the direct link and sign into your Purple Mash account to create your certificate:


Please don’t rush into this. You may want to take your time and plan out some ideas. You may wish to do some research online too. It might be someone that you know more closely, such as your mum, dad or a grandparent.


Write the person’s name carefully at the top of the certificate. You could also draw/upload a picture of them too! Then write why they are so inspirational to you.
What have they achieved in life?
Can they do something that you might want to achieve in the future?
What achievement inspired you the most?


Please remember you check and edit your work. Remember capitals and full stops; use emotive vocabulary; use different types of sentence; include words from your Y3/4 word lists where possible.


Once you have finished, remember to save and submit your work for use to see and give you feedback. Have fun!


This week, we are starting a new story called Treasure’s Island – it looks really good fun!



  1. Read chapter one with an adult. This doesn’t need to be done all at once if it is taking you some time. Get a really good understanding of the story.
  2. Try the online quiz once you have read the chapter:

We have also included the paper version for the questions too.

       3.   Discuss the open-ended questions with an adult. Do you both agree on the answer?

       4.   Keep your SPaG brains switched on by trying these questions based on the story:


Happy Reading!


The spelling rule is: the  prefix - im which means 'not'

 A prefix goes in front of a  word to change the meaning of the word to something else.

Practise these spellings over the week and try the dictation activity to try and help you learn them.  











When you feel ready, you can go on Purple Mash to try out the online test to see how you get on!


This week, we would like you to work on a certain times-table each day.
It is important to focus on times-tables that you are not as confident in to try and improve them.


However, the twist is that we would like you to exercise at the same time!

Please keep eye out for a special guest appearing in the Y3/4 section through the week to help give you a boost through your learning!


You might want to practise your 6 times-tables whilst doing star jumps, or try your 12s while you twist and turn. It’s up to you!


Can you also have a look at the grids below to see how many of these maths bingo problems you can complete:

Have you ever tried to draw realistic eyes when doing art work ?  It's a bit of a challenge isn't it ?  Well here is a very interesting video, with step by  step instructions on how to do it.  Have a go and improve your skills.
This week we have a video for your French lesson.  It is really helpful to hear the words, as well as reading them.  This will help you with your pronunciation skills.
This week you will need to investigate how many LIGHT SOURCES are around your home.  These should include ANYTHING the makes its OWN light, not reflect light from somewhere else. You will need to make a tally chart to collect the data and then make a graph from your results.