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w/c 8.6.20

Hello KS1. We hope you have all had a lovely weekend. We look forward to seeing your fantastic work this week. Stay safe and try to complete as many activities as you can.




This week for maths learning, please look at the White Rose activities, ‘Summer 2- Week 6’.

Y2- click here

Y1 – click here



There is a video explaining the task and learning. For each lesson, there are a set of questions and answers. You can write the answers down, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling. After you have done all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct. 

Here are some games to support this week’s learning:

Y2 – Comparing size. Click here 

Measuring in cm. Click here 

Reading scales (mass) Click here 




Y1 – Comparing weight Click here 

Reading scales (mass) Click here 


Remember: You can take photos of your learning and send them to




Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey

    If you don’t have the book, click here for a video of the book being read. (



Task 1 – Retell the story with a grown up and tell your grown up as much as you can remember about the story.  What was Pig the pug like to others? What does Trevor want at the start? How does Pig change at the end? Why does he change? How does Trevor feel in the story at the start and the end? 


Task 2 – Draw a picture of Pig the Pug and write sentences to describe what Pig is like. Think about his appearance and his personality. For example: Pig has white fur and a dark black nose. Pig is unkind to Trevor because he shouts at him.

Use the sentence starters below to help think of your own sentences:

Pig the Pug has_________

Pig has got _______ and Pig has ________

I think Pig the Pug is _______ because_________

Pig is _________ because__________

This can be completed on paper or on Purplemash here – Click here 


Task 3 – Draw a story map of what happens in the story and then write out the story in your own words. Don’t forget to use finger spaces, Captial letters and full stops. Remember to sound out the words and use your phonics to help spell.

This can be completed on paper or on Purplemash here – Click here 


Task 4 – Can you think of other ways for Pig the Pug to be selfish? What else could Trevor want besides Toys? Can you write a list?  

This can be completed on paper.


Task 5 – Can you write a letter to Pig the Pug and ask him to be nicer. How can Pig be nicer to Trevor? How does Trevor feel at the start of the story? When was Pig unkind to Trevor?

This can be completed on paper.




Continue to read books that match your book band level using this link. After reading the book, answer the questions with a grown up.

Please email if you are not sure what your book band level is.

Please read the book ‘Ned and the jungle animals’ and complete the activities. Please click here 

For each chapter, can you complete the quiz?



Please complete the phonics activities that have been set for you on Purplemash. Remember to check your 2Do list on the home page on Purplemash for this.

Also, don’t forget to watch the daily phonics lessons on YouTube -




For science this week, we are going to look back on our learning about animals including humans.

First, can you go on a minibeast hunt in your garden or local woods? Fill in the sheet to see which minibeasts you managed to find and which ones you still need to look out for.


Next, go to and watch the educational video about life cycles.

Can you create your own poster of the lifecycle of a butterfly? Have a look at the example to help you but try to be as creative as you can. We can’t wait to see what you create!



Creative Task

We usually have Mr Taylor come in once a week to help us with our music skills, but here, you can watch the videos and have a go at making a musical instrument out of any recycling or other materials you find in your house! 


Watch the videos here.



Make your own jar xylophone!