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W/C 6.7.20

Hello Y3/4!

We hope that home learning is going well and that you are enjoying some of the learning tasks. We cannot wait to see you again soon and hear all about the learning you have undertaken. This week's (6th July) home learning is below. Please try to work through as best you can and complete some each day. The more effort and hard work you put in now, the easier you will find coming back to school and the easier the new learning will be!

Have a fantastic week!


Miss Holmes, Ms Merriman, Mrs Bell-Williamson, Mrs Mahmood,

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Legge, Mrs Moore & Mrs Case. yes



This week in English the focus is on diary writing, very similar to last week. We know that in school this year you have written a diary entry as Boudica (the fierce warrior queen) and they were outstanding pieces of work! Your task is to click on this link.      


1. Watch the video about 'Grace Darling', the heroic young girl who risked her life to save others. The clip

    begins by giving you some information about who she was and her life. It then goes on to describe the

    event that you will write about.

2. As you watch the clip, make bullet point notes about the parts where she describes that awful night and

    how she is feeling (her emotions) and also what she is describing (the scenery)


For example:         * crashing waves, howling wind *


3. When you have made enough notes, read them through and make sure you are happy. Your notes will help

     you to write the diary. 

4. Remember the checklist of a diary entry. How does a diary always start? What person do you need to

    write in? What about vocabulary choices? Below, I have attached a checklist for you to use as you write

    your own diary. 

5. Using the checklist, begin to write your own diary AS GRACE DARLING. You need to pretend that you are

   her. You are the heroic young person who saved those lives, what happened? How did you feel? What did

    you do?

6. When you think you have finished, don' forget to read it through. Always check your work and correct any




Last week you started to read a book on Purple Mash called 'Ice Cream Villain'. Your task for this week is to read chapter 2 and chapter 3. Reading is SO important, the more confident you are at reading, the better you will understand the text and you will even notice an improvement in your writing too. 


1. Click here to read chapter 2 of 'Ice Cream Villain'.    

2. Once you have read it, click here to answer some quiz questions. How well did you understand the text?

3. Read chapter 3 of the text by clicking on this link

4. Again, test yourself by answering a range of quiz questions. Click here to be taken to the quiz. 

5. Your final task is to use all of the information you have read to create a newspaper report about the Ice Cream Villain. Use the template provided for you on Purple Mash by clicking here




Lesson 1: * Multiplying a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number *

1. Click here to watch a video on multiplying numbers together using the column method. 

2. Watch carefully to how the digits are placed based on their place value, for example, hundreds column, tens column and ones column. 

3. You will also need to use your basic times tables knowledge to help you solve each calculation. 

4. Complete the work attached below. Why not do it on a piece of paper at home, write each one out and make

    sure you set it out correctly. 

5. When you have finished, you can check your answers on the answer sheet attached...but no cheating!

Lesson 2:  * Dividing 2-digits by 1-digit. *


Using all of your times tables knowledge, you will now be dividing numbers in this lesson. 


1. Click here to watch a video on using the short division method. 

2. Once you have watched the video, practise using the short division method by answering these:

                       85 divided by 5        128 divided by 2     

3. When you have practised the ones above, work through the sheet attached below. Write each question out

    on a piece of paper at home and answer them carefully.

4. When you have finished, you can check your answers using the answer sheet also attached below...but no



This week's spelling words have been taken, again, from the Y3/4 statutory spelling list. We hope you've been practising them at home, if you have then you will find these 10 words quite easy! wink


Make sure you practise using our Look, Cover, Write, Check process. When you think you are ready, ask an adult to test you on the words. How many can you get right?


minute consider
favourite occasionally 
possess potatoes
difficult earth
medicine February




Even though you've been working from home and using technology for a few weeks now, we thought it would be good to have a focused ICT lesson. We've done a lot of work this year on Purple Mash and we did a lot of learning about coding and setting computer codes. 


Your task this week is to programme the guard outside the castle. You will be able to add different characters in and programme each character to do specific actions that you choose. Take your time and when you are happy with your design, make sure you save your work so your teacher can read it and mark it. 


Click here to get started with computer coding! 



Let's try your investigation skills a little more - here's an experiment to try out.  Take a look at the powerpoint about investigating how big shadows are (identical PDF if you can't open it) .


Spend some time using the investigation frame and  try to find out how you can make shadows change.

Also use the results writing frame to record what you've learned.


The sheets show which difficulty you can try (shown by the 1, 2 or 3 stars - 3 being the hardest) remember, you only need to do one of them.