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w/c 4.5.20

Hello Y3 and Y4. We hope that you've had a lovely weekend with your families at home and are keeping safe and well. We are so proud of all the fabulous work you are doing at home, keep it up! We hope you have a great week filled with more learning, don't forget that you can send your completed work to and we will try to get as much as possible onto the school website for all to see!

Here is your home learning for this week (4th May 2020) 


This week for your writing task, we would like you to create your own poem inspired by Coronavirus. Think back to when we looked at poetry in class. Think about whether you want your poem to rhyme and what you want your poem to be about.  Do you want your poem to be about your home learning? About your new daily routine now you are at home? Do you want it to be about coming back to school one day? 


Miss Holmes has written a WAGOLL poem for you. Read it carefully and please feel free to take parts of it to help you. You can either write out your poem on paper or click here to complete it on a Purple Mash template.  




Good morning all, I hope you are safe and well,

Just think when all this is over, you’ll have a historic story to tell,


You miss your friends, and your loved ones too,

But know that here at Manor Lodge we are standing by you,


We give you work to set you on your way,

And are ready to see you back here soon, any moment, any day,


We look out for you every single week,

And if it’s not by Email, then we phone just to hear you speak,


We know that this is not fair and it must be hard,

It’s the same for us not being able to see you smiling on the yard,


Soon this will be a memory, something that will pass,

And before you know it, you’ll be back here in your class!



Back in the Autumn term, we learnt all about; number and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We were very busy! It is vital that you do not forget all of this important knowledge, therefore, we would like you to  work through the Autumn short assessments

- Click on the link

- Make sure Autumn is selected from the column on the left hand side

- Select your year group (Y3 or Y4) 

- Then go through and one by one, work on the assessment tasks. 


Once you have completed the assessment, you can mark your work as the answer booklet is there for you to click on. 


We have also set you some 2Do's on Purple Mash, so please make sure you are checking.

Y3 and Y4 - Work hard to practise your times tables



- Practise telling the time in whole hours 

- Practise telling the time to half an hour



- Practise reading whole hour mixed time 

- Practise telling the time for 5 minute intervals 


Remember to save your work and 'hand it in' when complete so your teacher can mark it.



  • A range of books are available here. You just need to register to make an account. At the end of the book, there are questions that you can answer with a grown up. Please read books that match your book band level.
  • Please email if you are not sure what your book band level is.
  • Here is a book called  Neve's Wishes. Please read chapter 1. There are a few questions and quizzes about chapter 1. Can you complete them?



 Last half term in Y3/4, we looked at some examples of Pop Art from the famous artist Andy Warhol.

 Look at these images of cartoon characters that have been repeated and shaded in pencil crayon.

 Can you create you own images?  Have a think of a creative way to colour them in.

We would love to post some of your fantastic work on our website.smiley



Let's improve our language skills.


Click on the link below to work on your french, with fun activities and games - then test yourself ! 

V.E Day Activities

On Friday we commemorate V.E. day and there will be lots of celebrations on TV. Please watch the BBC link to learn about V.E. Day 


Can you make a WW2 aeroplane?

Lots of exciting activities to do including learning some wartime songs and recipes. Ask your parents and carers to join in!