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w/c 29.6.20


In English this week we are looking at whether children should wear school uniform.


This is always a hot topic of debate and you will need to put your point of view across to persude people reading your work that you are right. 

Remember you will need to show it from both sides of the arguments (For and Against) and present these as facts but using your ideas to say if those are good or bad reasons (depending on your point of view)


You can use some persuasive language features to help you too, such as:-

  •  Rhetorical questions 
  • Superlatives/comparative words (the best, even better if..., )


Remember to use fronted adverbials to begin sentences to "signpost" in your writing if your sentences are for the point(Similarly, Also, furthermore) or against the point you have just written (However, On the other hand).

Please use the "Should homework be banned" example below of how to write your points.


Please remember to save and submit your work so we can read through it and offer you some feedback.


In maths this week we are looking at angles and measuring with a protractor. 


Use the links below to take you to each lesson for this week.  These can be printed out to work on, or you could write your answers on paper.  The answers will be posted at the end of the day, so keep your work safe and check how many you got right.   


This link ( will show you a short video, for each day, to give a short explanation of your task.


If you need any help, you can email Mr Yates on Purple Mash to support you using 2email.


In reading this week we are reading chapter 2 of The Haunting of Rose Cottage 

Task 1 - Read the chapter/complete on-line multiple choice questions.

Task 2 - Complete sequencing and SPAG tasks (pdfs)


Task 3 - Open ended questions (pdf)




Week 2- i before the e except after c

The ‘i before e except after c’ rule applies to words where the sound spelt by ei is /i:/. Exceptions: protein, caffeine, seize (and either and neither if pronounced with an initial i sound).











Geography - Where Does our Water Come From?


Take a look at the presentation on UK rivers (Same document as a PDF and Power point - you choose which one to view), then look at the different rivers around the UK. 

Your task is to work out where the area of land in which the source is located, location of its mouth and even some places nearby where it goes by (villages, towns and cities)

For example ..

Spey : Northeast Scotland. Source = Loch Spey -  it is the fastest-flowing river in UK and gives water to the most whiskey factories. Its mouth is in the Forth of Moray 

Sporting Activities/P.E.


Take a look at the activities for the week ranging from 

  • Marathon Monday 
  • Action Song Tuesday - Have a go at some Just Dance on YouTube
  • Bike Ride Wednesday
  • Team game Thursday
  • Fitness Friday


Making and investigating Shadows.

This week (weather permitting, you can go outside and make a sundial.  This shows where the sun and dial make a shadow depending on where in the sky the sun is. 

If its a rainy week (probably) you can do this more quickly inside with a torch.      

Y6 Transition Activities



In Science this week, we are going to be investigating carnivorous plants. Read through the power point and click on any links to find out more information. Then produce your own report making sure you include all the explanations included in the power point.