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w/c 29.6.20

Hi KS1, 

Thanks for continuing to work really hard. We are really enjoying seeing your learning on Purple Mash, make sure you check back on pieces of work that you have done to see our comments, and check if there are any improvements you can make. 


Also, if you need any support with your work, use 2email on Purple Mash to get in touch with Miss Dale or Miss Legge.

Y2 Maths


Remember to keep logging on to your TT ROCKSTARS to do some practice on your times tables please.


For this week's maths learning, please look at the activities on the White Rose Scheme.  We are now on Summer 2 - Week 10.


This week's maths is all about weights, measure and volume.  Follow the links below for each lesson.  These can be printed out to work on, or write your answers out on plain paper.  Can you show your work to a parent or carer ?  Maybe you could work on them together.  

Y1 Maths

This week for maths learning, please look at the White Rose activities,

‘Summer 2- Week 9’. 

Click here 


There is a video explaining the task and learning. For each lesson, there are a set of questions and answers. You can write the answers down, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling. After you have done all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct. 


Here are some games to support this week’s learning: 


Reading numbers

Sequencing numbers

Counting forwards within 100



Living Green, a turtle's quest for a cleaner planet


For English this week we would like you to listen and look at this story online.

Please click on the following link to view the story.



Here is your work for the week, please try to complete every task.


Task 1     Write a character description for someone in the story?


Task 2     Rewrite the story with a new ending ?


Task 3     Write a letter to a character?


Task 4     Can you make a list and draw some of the important items from the story ?


REMEMBER to go through the checklist below before starting your work  



  • Write sentences using capital letters and full stops

  • Write sentences using capital letters, question mark and full stops

  • Write sentences using a range of conjunctions to extend the sentences such as ‘and’ and ‘because’.

  • To use your phonics to help spell words

  • Practise your handwriting and make the letters clear, same size and neat. 

  • Use commas in a list when needed

Y1 Writing



Click here to listen to the story:


Task 1- Can you retell the story to your grown up? What makes Supertato special? Who did he help? Which character was causing trouble? Can you act out different parts of the story?


Task 2- Can you write some sentences to describe Supertato? To remind you, our sentences should include: capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, and you could use adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions to make them more interesting.


Task 3- Write a letter to the evil pea, what would you say to him? How do we start a letter? Dear Evil Pea, I am writing to tell you that ______________________________________________________________.



Task 4-  Create a story map of the Supertato story. Don’t forget to tell the story in the correct order, and use pictures and sentences to describe what is happening.

This can be done on purple mash here:


Task 5- Create your own superhero fruit or vegetable! What kind of character will they be? What is their superpower?

This can be done on paper or on purple mash:




Continue to read books that match your book band level using this link. After reading the book, answer the questions with a grown up. 


Please can you read the book 'Max and the Pirates of Puddleton Bay' and complete the activities  

For each chapter can you do the quiz ?


Please use 2email on Purple Mash and contact Miss Dale or Miss Legge if you are not sure what your book band level is.



For our Science learning we are going to be looking at the Seasons in a year.  

  • Do you know how many Seasons there are in a year ?
  • What are the names of the Seasons ?
  • It is Summer at the moment, what is the weather like ?
  • How does the weather change through the Seasons, can you write a few sentences about the things  you might see ?  Is it cold, windy, hot, rainy ?
  • What sort of clothes do we need to wear in each Season ?
Watch these videos all about Seasons.  There are facts and songs to help you with your learning smiley