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w/c 22.6.20

Hello Y5/6.

We hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Here is your Home Learning for week commencing 22nd June 2020. We hope you have a great week and hopefully the weather will brighten up this week - Wednesday and Thursday are looking good on the forecast! 



This week, you will notice tasks at the bottom of this page which are for Y6 ONLY. They are linked to secondary school work so there is no need for y5 to complete these activities. 


Please remember to log onto Purple Mash to complete some of your Home Learning Tasks this week.


Have a good week and we look forward to helping you with your learning.




In maths this week we are looking at decimals.  You will be subtracting, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  

Use the links below to take you to each lesson for this week.  These can be printed out to work on, or you could write your answers on paper.  The answers will be posted at the end of the week, so keep your work safe and check how many you got right.   


This link ( will show you a short video, for each day, to give a short explanation of your task.


We will put the answer sheets up each day so that you can check how you got on.

If you need any help, you can email Mr Yates on Purple Mash to support you using 2email.

Answers for this week's maths.


In writing, we would like you to write a film review.

Watch this video from YouTube:


It's by an animator called UZAIR and the film is named Piper - which is a type of seabird.

The animation has won many awards. However, that doesn't mean that you have to like it.


In a film review you would firstly explain the basic thread of the movie: the meaning behind it and the key characters. You might mention the year it was created and the names of actors/actresses that featured in the film. You might discuss the good parts about the movie, which was the most exciting part and why, did the characters play a good role etc. You may also explain what specific parts/reasons you didn't like the film. Obviously, if the movie or film was terrible, you would write up a more critical review.


We have put a film review of The Lion King below for you to see first as an example.


Create your own film review of PIPER using the Purple Mash link below.

Please remember to save and submit your work so we can read through it and offer you some feedback.



The Haunting of Rose Cottage  Week 9 - Chapter 1 

Task 1 - Read the chapter and complete on-line multiple choice questions. (The online chapters are also available as PDFs - see icon in top right hand corner of screen)


The next chapter and activities will be put online for you later in the week.

Task 2 - Complete sequencing and SPAG tasks.

Task 3 - Open ended questions.

Task 4 - My New Home - on-line task

Using Purple Mash, use your imaginative writing based on the Rose Cottage work to describe and narrate events in a different house. - you can choose a house from the Purple Mash picture gallery.  Imagine you have moved there. Write a detailed description of your new home.


Week 1- Using -fer suffix- doubling r or not rule- using template

Practise these spellings over the week and do some of the activities below to help you. At the end of the week, get someone to test you on them.


Rule - The r is doubled if the –fer is still stressed when the ending is added.

The r is not doubled if the –fer is no longer stressed.



referring          referred         referral        reference      referee

preferring        preferred       preference

transferring     transferred   


Famous Rivers of the World - 

Find where different rivers are around the world. You can use the internet or books to find the countries  the rivers go through, where they begin (source), where they end up at (mouth) and how long it is.



Take part in the PE activities from our LINKS coaches. Have fun and keep active - maybe take a picture of you doing it and send it into school (via school email)


In science this week, you can watch a video to help with learning about how we see colours. There's a science mini investigation to do, but if you haven't got any type of coloured plastic to make it work, don't worry, there is also a game to play below that.  Enjoy it and don't forget to take a look at the Purple Mash Science Blog. If you post a message on there,  everyone will see the awesome science you're doing.


French - 

In french this week ... (pending upload)

Y6 only - Specific work linked to transition to secondary school

Hello Y6. Hope you're all safe and well. We'll be starting some transition learning over the next few weeks so you'll be having a go at the tasks we put under the Y6 heading.

If you're not sure about any of it, you can contact your Y6 teacher through school or you can email us on Purple Mash and we'll try our best to help you. 
Hope you enjoy the following activities! :-)



Over the next few weeks, we'll be giving you some maths challenges and questions so you can complete the 100%  challenge! You will need to use the calculation methods you have been taught in Y6 to help you do this.

Download the progress tracker to help you keep a record of your progress.

Good luck!


There are some fantastic reading and writing activities this week to help prepare you for Y7. Work through each power-point, reading the texts and instructions carefully. You can record your ideas on paper on a word document or even a Purple Mash writing app.

You only need to complete one lesson each day. If you need help from your teachers, please send us an email on Purple Mash.

Good luck! 


The Science lesson for this week is all about how to eat a healthy diet. Work through the power point and follow the instructions to find out what a healthy diet would look like.