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W/C 22.06.20

Hello to our fantastic Year 3's and Year 4's! 

We are so pleased with all the effort and hard work that you are continuing to put into your home learning. Some of the work you have emailed us through has been amazing!  A credit to you and your supportive families. Thank you also to those of you who are unable to show us your work at this time. Please know that we are equally proud that you are continuing to motivate yourself to work and keep your brains active. We miss you and look forward to a time in the future where we will be together.

                           KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

This week's learning is all below, you will find Maths, English, Reading, Spelling, Music and Science. Try to work through this throughout the week doing a little bit each day... if you can. 

Remember you can always share your learning with us on the Home Learning School website, just ask parents/grown-ups to email your fantastic work into school.  Have fun. We hope to see you all soon!


Mrs Bell-Williamson, Ms Merriman, Miss Holmes, Mrs Moore, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Legge, Mrs Case and Mrs Thompson. 


This week we would like you to combine English with Design & Technology (food)

Are you ready to bake some Rice Crispy Chocolate Cakes?

They are actually really simple but really delicious!

Watch this video, it will show you the ingredients you will need and the steps you will take in order to make the chocolate crispy cakes. (TIP- it works just as well with cornflakes too!!)  

Below you will also find a slightly different, simple recipe which you can also follow to make small chocolate crispy buns.

Now for the English skill, you will need to write a set of instructions about what you did and how you made the rice crispy cakes. Think about first, listing the ingredients and then secondly, explaining each step of the process. Imagine somebody is really struggling to make them and they are going to follow your instructions to help them. 

You can either write the instructions on a piece of paper at home or you can use this link to a Purple Mash document and create your instructions through there. 


I hope they are yummy! Remember, you can always send us some pictures of your creations through the home learning email address- we'd love to see what they look like!     Enjoy! smiley



Activity 2: If you want to show off how amazing you are, then this activity is for you! The challenge is to bake/cook or design some other food product. Take pictures of it or draw pictures of it and then write a set of instructions explaining each step you took in order to make it. We know we have some star bakers among us, we've heard all about the baking you've been doing at home with your grown-ups so here is your chance to show off a bit...

Maths this week will focus around a series of one-off lessons just like last week. 


Lesson 1: This lesson is all about subtracting numbers using the column method we have learnt in class.

Click here and it will take you to the BBC Bitesize page.

1. Watch the video which shows you how to work out subtracting numbers.

2. Practise the example given - 528 - 125 =   and   343 - 237 =

3. Click on the activity. It will bring up a pdf document with different calculations for you to solve.  Either print this sheet out and work on it or you can simply write out the numbers onto a piece of paper and complete it that way. 


Lesson 2: Can you solve a range of addition and subtraction problems? It's been a while since you have done problem solving. This lesson will have a mixture of both addition and subtraction. Remember to use the column method you have been shown in school and have seen on the practise videos. 


Click here for the BBC Bitesize lesson page. 

1. Go through the RUCSAC slideshow to understand what each letter stands for

2. Click on the Twinkl activity and try to complete each part. You could always just write on paper you have at home and use the sheet to look at on your screen.

3. When you have completed that, why not try activity 2? Solving addition and subtraction problems for countries around the world.     


Lesson 3: How about a challenge lesson? This activity has a range of different maths challenges for you to work out, discuss with your family and to try and investigate.

1. Click here to go to the website and access the work. 

2. Work through each problem one by one.

3. Use paper for all of your working out to each challenge question. 

4. When you have completed each challenge, the answers at the bottom of the page. But NO cheating! 



'Animal Boy'

After being discharged from the hospital, Josh realises that he can actually understand animal conversations. Read on to find out how he will use his new skills and how his family will react. Do you think he will finally be able to teach Dave the Bully a lesson?


 This  week, continue on to chapter 2 of  'Animal Boy' from the Purple Mash text. Read the story carefully.


Task 1: Complete the online quiz  about chapter 2. Check on how well you understand what has happened so far in the story. 


Task 2: Sequence the events  from  chapter two. If you are unsure, remember to re-read the section.


Task 3: Complete the SPaG- spelling, grammar and punctuation underlining the conjunctions and other grammatical elements.


Task 4: Write a prediction about the text. Do you think Josh really heard the cats talk? How do you suggest investigates this further? How do you think his sister Ellie will react? Will they eventually work as a team?


Spelling this week  will include a familiar repeated spelling pattern in addition to spellings from the Year 3/4  Statutory spelling list. If you are in Year 4, use this opportunity to revise these words and set  yourself spelling  challenges. Find  someone  who can test you in preparation for  you moving up  into Year 5.


 Year 3 children, use these words to practice to keep yourself ahead, be ready for Year 4.


 Remember to find easy ways to learn these spellings. Look for words within words.

           LOOK, COVER, WRITE then CHECK!


1. sign                                 6. ignorance

2. designer                            7.  resign

3. signpost                              8. strange

4. ignite                                 9. strength

5. foreign                             10. suppose


In Music this week you will explore pulse and rhythm. 

Pulse is a steady beat like a ticking clock or your heartbeat.

Rhythm is the pattern of long and short sounds that fit with the pulse as you move through the song.


1. Click here.  

2. Watch the video all about pulse and rhythm.

3. You will start to realise that we don't always need instruments to create music that has pulse and rhythm.

4. Watch the next video. This is all about Anna Meredith who is a Scottish composer. She writes electronic and acoustic music. She creates music that uses clapping, stamping, shouting and beatboxing instead of instruments.

5. Click on the 'practise' activity and have a go for yourself! Work through the activity and follow any instructions it gives you on creating your own music/beat.


In science this week, you can watch some videos about how shadows are made by light being block BEHIND an object.

Have a go at making your own shadows in a dark room and use a torch - look to see where the shadow is compared to where the light is.