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w/c 18.5.20

Hello to our amazing Year 3's and Year 4's. 

We just want to say how proud we are of all of you, for coping brilliantly during this difficult time and for handling it in such a mature manner. 

Also a big well done for those people who have sent in photo's of their home learning which are now on our website. A special mention to Jacob, Zayne, Esme, Issac and Miley and to all other children who may have recently sent something in. We have also been pleased to see more people completing their Purple Mash work too, so well done for working so hard at home.

Below are all the learning tasks for this week (18th May 2020)


Miss Holmes, Ms Merriman, Mrs Bell-Williamson, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Thompson,

Mrs Moore, Mrs Case and Mrs Legge laugh


In writing this week, we would like you to write a newspaper article based on what is happening in the short film slip.

Click here to watch the 'Diving Giraffes'

First of all, what does the film clip show? What are the giraffes doing and why? What else do you notice about the film clip?


Do you remember when we wrote newspapers about the Roman invasion? You will need to include all of the same features now as you did back then.


Can you remember what they are?

Task 1: Try to list as many features as you can and then check the document below.

This will be your checklist when you are writing this newspaper.


Task 2: Plan the name of your newspaper and choose a suitable, short and funny headline for the news article.


Task 3: You will write at least 2 sections for your newspaper. Make a quick plan of what you are going to write in each section. For this, think about:

* Expanded noun phrases

* Conjunctions (and, but, so, if, because)

* Capital letters and full stops

* Other forms of punctuation     ?   !

* Past tense 

* Write in columns 


Task 4: Begin to write your newspaper report. Think carefully and take your time. We would love to read them when you have finished so don't hesitate to send pictures of your work to our school home learning email or through Purple Mash via the 2Email (which goes to your teachers purple mash account directly)



The spelling rule is: the suffix –ous


Words in bold are the Y3/4 spelling words.

Practise these spellings over the week and do some of the activities to try and help you learn them. A good example is shown in an image below.  At the end of the week, get someone to test you on them. How many can you get correct?












Here is the Y3/4 Statutory spelling list. If you are in Year 3, this is the perfect time to practise all of these words. If you are in Year 4, can you spell all of these? If not, take this time to practise ready for when you are in Year 5.


Can you solve the Europe quiz?


Can you learn about sustainability and plastics? Think about how we can recycle more and look after our lovely world.

Can you make a poster to show how you can use less plastic? Think about how we can make our oceans cleaner and recycle some of the plastics we use!


Have some fun with minion maths this week! Calculate your name in £s using the code. There's a blank sheet as well for you to add your own challenges for your parents and carers. Maybe you could work together to find the total cost of their names, the school name and your teacher's name! Have lots of fun with minion maths challenges!
A little light relief from counting and something to remember at all times! A lovely PHSE activity to share and talk about!


I hope you are enjoying the book Neve's Wishes.The twins; Jess, Joe and their dog Frisk are definitely are having a real life dilemma with the magic box. I trust you are managing to answer the quiz questions. They are based on inference which are the skills we used when do Guided Reading in class.  Remember if you get anything wrong you can always have another go to try to improve your score.   

Scroll down to see chapter 4.

  • Read chapter 4 . There are a few  more questions and quizzes about this chapter  for you to answer.
  • Can you make predictions about what you think will happen next?
  • This will be our last week on this book but if you want to continue it, there are four more chapters for you to read at your leisure and  remember to share this story with your family.
  • Do you think it will grant them their never-ending wishes?
  • Draw images of what you  and your family would wish for if you had Neve's magic box.  Have fun!



The EFLTrust are promoting a festival for KS2 children across the country. The Joy of Movement Festival is to be participated in on w/c 18th May 2020. Its aim is to engage children in fun physical activities and it is a chance to get the whole family involved. Using the booklet below, follow a series of fun activities to complete at your own pace and at a time  to suit your family.

The EFL are encouraging you to celebrate the event on social media using #JOMHomeFestival for a chance to win £500 worth of sporting equipment for families/schools. Furthermore, at school, we would love to see you all getting involved and any photos/videos for the website would be great. Just send these to . We cannot wait to see you getting involved and keeping active!


Here's a cool experiment you can try at home that makes you look at solids, liquids and gases in a new way.


Hello everyone.  Have you been practising any French, while you  have been at home ?   Here is a simple, short song for you to learn, it will help with your pronunciation and communication skills  yes.  Listen to it first, then have a go at joining in.  Good luck.


Stay safe,  from Miss Dale