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Hello to our wonderful Year 3's and Year 4's. 

We want to let you you know that we  still amazed with all the hard work you have been  doing and how well you have managed during this difficult time. We are proud of you!  We hope you have had a deserved rest last week and are ready to complete another set of fantastic learning.

We have also been pleased to see more children completing their Purple Mash work too, so well done for working so hard at home. We  are aiming to set up a few more (timestable)  TT Rockstar battles between the different classes so keep looking out for these.

Below are all the learning tasks for this week (1st June 2020)


Miss Holmes, Ms Merriman, Mrs Bell-Williamson, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Thompson,

Mrs Moore, Mrs Case and Mrs Legge 


In writing this week, we would like you to write a story based  on what is happening in the short film. 


Click here to watch the 'The Present'

First of all, what do you think the present will be?

Why do you think the boy is unhappy about his present?    

Do you think he is doing the right thing with it?

How does the end of the short film make you feel? 

Have you noticed anything that makes them similar?


Do you remember when we wrote a  story about 'The Lion in Paris'? You will need to include  some of the same features now as you did back then.


Have some fun time problems related to a visit to Meadowhall  for when Lockdown is finally over.          Meadowhall problems

When Lockdown is over you may want to go and visit Meadowhall  with your family. While you are there you will probably want to visit the Cinema and have something  tasty to eat. Will you and your family know when it's opened? 

Here are the opening times. Can you work together to answer the questions to make sure you arrive at the right time?


The spelling rule is: the  prefix - tele which means 'distant'

 A prefix goes in front of a  word to change the meaning of the word to something  else

Words in bold are the Y3/4 spelling words.

Practise these spellings over the week and do some of the activities to try and help you learn them. A good example is shown in an image below.  At the end of the week, get someone to test you on them. How many can you get correct?













Here is the Y3/4 Statutory spelling list. If you are in Year 3, this is the perfect time to practise all of these words. If you are in Year 4, can you spell all of these? If not, take this time to practise ready for when you are in Year 5.

 Design and Technology

 Here is a recipe with instructions to make  Chocolate chip cookies.  We hope you have fun and share some of your photos with us



This week I hope you will enjoy reading our new book called 'The Ice-Cream Villian.' Tara and Guy enjoy Natasha's Wolfhound ice -cream but when Natasha starts to act strange her friends think that something has gone wrong.

 After have  a go at answering the quiz questions. They are based on inference which are the skills we used when do Guided Reading in class.  Remember if you get anything wrong you can always have another go to try to improve your score.   



  • Read chapter1 . There are a few  more questions and quizzes about this chapter  for you to answer.
  • Can you make predictions about what you think will happen ?
  • Draw images of the events from the story.  Who is your favourite character so far? 

Hi everyone, this week I'd like you to have another look at this activity, but try something new.  Make sure to choose BEGINNERS at the start. If you use the arrow there are a huge amount of subjects and games to choose from.  On the first screen choose WORDS, if you get good at some of these, then move up to SENTENCES.  Have fun learning - 

from Miss Dale

New topic about LIGHT.  Can you name the different light sources?  Be careful some of them DO NOT make their own light - they only reflect it.  You'll have to think really hard with this one.