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w/c 15.6.20

Good morning Y5 and Y6,


This week may feel a bit different for some of us as the Y6 children are now returning to school for the first time in several weeks. This means that the Home Learning page may look a bit different to ‘normal’. We will still be uploading Home Learning activities to complete each day and Purple Mash tasks. However, there will also be a separate section on each page where we upload the Y6 classroom activities too. Some of these activities might be linked to transition to secondary school so Y5 you do not need to complete them. It would also ensure that if a Y6 child is not in school, then they can still see what activities their friends have been doing in school.


We hope that makes sense and hope you all have a fantastic week!


The Y5/6 Team J



In writing this week, we would like you to create a certificate. We would like you to award an inspirational person a certificate and explain why they are someone you look up to, respect and admire. Please use the direct link and sign into your Purple Mash account to create your certificate:


Please don’t rush into this. You may want to take your time and plan out some ideas. You may wish to do some research online too. The person might be famous: an actor, singer or sports person. However, you might choose to give a certificate to someone you know more closely, such as your mum, dad or a grandparent.


Write the person’s name carefully at the top of the certificate. You could also draw/upload a picture of them too! Then write why they are so inspirational to you.
What have they achieved in life?
Have they done something amazing that you might want to copy in the future?
What achievement inspired you the most?


Please remember you check and edit your work. Remember to use emotive vocabulary to show clearly how this person has inspired you personally; Think how you could vary your sentences to make the piece flow more interestingly. For example, you could use a very short sentence for effect – ‘you are my inspiration.’ ‘I respect you immensely.’ ‘You are dynamic.’

Remember to paragraph if you are explaining different aspects of the person which makes them inspirational or if they have completed achievements at different points in time.

Wherever possible, try to include some words from the Y5/6 word list which we have uploaded below.


Once you have finished, remember to save and submit your work for use to see and give you feedback. Have fun!


The link for each year group will take you directly to the web page you need for this week. There is a video explaining the task and learning. For each lesson, there is a printable question sheet but you can just write your answers in a note book or on paper if you want, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling. When you have completed all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct.

We will post the answers at the end of the week.

Y5 -  - Week 8

Y5 – Lesson 1 should be – Understanding Percentages


These are the Reading activities for the week:

Please read chapters 1 - 3 of our new book 'Raider's Peril' and then answer the questions.


Please see the word grid below which is also part of out Writing Activity.

Have a go this week at learning 10 spellings from this list that you are not too confident with.

Work with your parents to help you with this.


Maybe there are some words they are not so confident with too.

We know Mr Yates always has trouble spelling consch....    conschi.... conshun...   CONSCIENCE!

The boy had a clear conscience as he made a good choice.


You could just focus on 2 words each day and then, by the end of the week, you will have learnt 10 new words!

There are some fun activities that may help you with this too below.

Good luck! 

Geography / Topic

These are the (Topic) activities for the week.

Can you watch the video all about The Alps mountain range and then complete the activities?


This week’s Science activity is about finding how light travels in straight lines and gets reflected. You will need a ruler and pencil for this task.


Hi everyone.  This week, rather than learn some of the french language, we are going to focus on some typical french food.   It is important to also know something about the culture of the country we are looking at.

Below is a link to show you how to make some french favourites, none of them are particularly difficult.  Have a go and impress your family with your cooking skills.  I would recommend you do this with an adult to stay safe, especially when using a cooker.  Enjoy smiley