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w/c 15.6.20

Hi KS1! We know you are still working really hard at home, and we love seeing what you have been up to through Purple Mash and the photos that you send us. Here are some activities for this week. 





This week for maths learning, please look at the White Rose activities, ‘Summer 2- Week 7’. 

Y2- click here 

Y1 – click here 


There is a video explaining the task and learning. For each lesson, there are a set of questions and answers. You can write the answers down, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling. After you have done all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct. 

Here are some games to support this week’s learning that you can find on Purple Mash: 

Y2 –

 Finding one half. Click here 

Finding one quarter. Click here.  


Y1 – 

Counting in 2s- Click here

Counting in 5s- Click here  

 Counting in 10s- Click here



Remember: You can take photos of your learning and send them to



Oi Frog! by Kes Gray and Jim Field

    If you don’t have the book, click here for a video of the book being read.




Task 1 – Retell the story with a grown up and tell your grown up as much as you can remember about the story. Discuss what has happened in the story using these questions:  how do you think the Frog was feeling? What words would you use to describe the cat? What did you notice about each page? 


Task 2- Look at the rhyming activity sheet here. Can you match the rhyming words?

Task 3- Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story, and write some sentences to describe what is happening. Remember to include the correct punctuation- 

Year 1- to write sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

Year 2- to write some of you sentences using ‘and’ or ‘because’ and try and include a question.

This can be completed on paper or on purple mash here


Task 4– The frog said that the log is uncomfortable. What could you do to make it more comfortable for the frog? Design a log that you think the Frog would be happy with. 

This can be completed on paper. 


Task 5  Can you find words that rhyme with animals that are not in the book, such as hens, baboons, fishes, ants, toads, bugs, deers. Can you create a new page in the book with one of these animals and where they are told to sit?

This can be completed on paper or on Purple Mash here 



Continue to read books that match your book band level using this link. reading the book, answer the questions with a grown up. 


Please email if you are not sure what your book band level is.


Please read the book ‘Anna’s sportsday’ and complete the activities. 

For each chapter, can you complete the quiz?


Please complete the phonics activities that have been set for you on Purplemash. Remember to check your 2Do list on the home page on Purplemash for this. 


Also, don’t forget to watch the daily phonics lessons on YouTube -



For science this week, we are going to look back on our learning about things that are living, things that are dead and things that have never been alive. 


First, watch the video and complete the activity by clicking on the things that are alive. 


Next, go on a hunt around your home or your garden, identifying the different things that are alive, dead or have never been alive. You could tell a grown up what you think or record it on paper. 

Below is a poster to help you identify if something is living or non-living and there is a sorting activity to complete. 



Some of you have been getting really creative at home, and have sent in photos of what you have been making, these have been brilliant! If you have anything to share please email it to we would love to see.


Here is an activity for you to try this week.