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W/C 15.06.20

Hello lovely Year 3's and Year 4's! blush

We miss you all lots and we just hope that you are staying at home, staying well and doing as much home learning as you can! It is important that we don't allow our brains to forget all of the hard work and learning we have amassed throughout this year! This week's learning is all below, you will find some Maths, English, Reading, Spelling, Music and Science. Try to work through all of this throughout the week, try and do a little bit each day if you can. 

Remember you can always share your learning with us on the Home Learning School website, just ask parents/grown-ups to email your fantastic work into school. We hope to see you all soon!


Miss Holmes, Ms Merriman, Mrs Bell-Williamson, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Legge, Mrs Case and Mrs Moore. 


This week in English we will be looking at a story from another culture. 

Watch the video titled 'Ride of Passage.' Watch the story carefully and try to gain an understanding of the culture being shown and the reasons the characters do what they do.


Task 1: Use the internet on a laptop of iPad to research Tribes that live in the Rainforest. Find as much information out as you can about 1 tribe in particular. Write all the information you find out on paper or on a word document on your laptop/computer. 


Task 2: Do you know which animals live in a Rainforest? Continue your internet research but this time, research 3 different animals. Find out facts about these animals, where they live in the Rainforest, what they eat and any other interesting facts that you find. 


Task 3: Draw a map/diagram of what Toki's village might have looked like. Use your research about Rainforest Tribes to help you with this. Remember, they would not have had electricity or running water. They would not have had any internet or game consoles so think carefully and try to create an accurate image. 


Task 4: Toki became friends with the chameleon in the story. Imagine if chameleon's could talk. Write a conversation of dialogue between Toki and the chameleon. What would they say to each other? Remember to use inverted commas correctly, capital letters to begin the speech and correct punctuation throughout 

 ,  .  ?  !


Task 5: Retell the story. Now that you have watched the video and you understand the meaning behind the story, re-write it in your own words. Give detail to the most important parts of the story and make sure you describe the character's feelings at these points too. 


Below is a storyboard template. Use this to plan the different parts of the story out. This will help you when you start to write the story.


This week for Maths there will be a few different lessons which will recap prior learning from in school at the start of the year. These will be focused around more basic areas which you might just need another refresh lesson on.


Lesson 1: Click here, it will take you to a BBC Bitesize website. Take a little look at the examples of dividing by 10 that it shows you and then watch the video below it. 


Activity 1: Complete the worksheet either by printing it out and writing on it or use it to help you write the questions out onto some paper. Answer all questions about dividing numbers by 10. 




Activity 2: Now for some fun, complete the dividing by 10 maze. Think carefully to answer each question and complete the maze.

Lesson 2: This lesson is focused around rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. When we first learnt it in class, some people found the method a little tricky so let's spend some time revising it now. Click here, it will take you to the BBC Bitesize website. Again, read any examples it shows you but then watch the video. 


Activity 1: After watching the video, read what it tells you about how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Then complete the work below, either print it out or use it to write your own answers on a piece of paper. 

Activity 2: Now complete the two games on the same website that you watched the video on. The first is an activity of rounding numbers on sweetie jars to the nearest 10. Then if you want to challenge yourself, the next game is to round numbers to the nearest 100.


Lesson 3: This lesson is focused around adding two 3-digit or 4-digit numbers together. We did a lot of work on this method in class, so try to use your previous knowledge to help you. Click here and it will take you to the website where you can watch the video, this will show you the column method of addition. When you have watched the video, have a little practise. Create different 3-digit and 4-digit numbers and use the column method to add them together. 


Activity 1: Complete these column addition questions either on a piece of paper or if you have a printer at home, you could print it out and write on the sheet. 

Activity 2: Now try to have a go at solving addition word problems- challenge yourself! Below is an activity for you to complete. Either write the questions and answers out on a piece of paper or you can print it out and write on it if you want. 

'Animal Boy'

After a bump on the head, John realises he can now talk to animals! He decides to use his new talent to teach the school bully a lesson he will never forget...


This week, please read chapter 1 of 'Animal Boy'. It is a Purple mash text. Read the story carefully.


Task 1: Complete the online quiz all about chapter one of the story. How well did you understand what happened? 


Task 2: Complete these questions about chapter one. Some of these questions start by asking 'why' you think something, so make sure you give detailed answers.


Task 3: Sequence these events from chapter one. If you are unsure, then read the chapter again to understand which events happened and when.
Task 4: Write a prediction about what you think will happen next in the story. Is Josh really alright? Or do you think something more has happened to his injured head? Will he want to go back to school with the bully Dave?

Spellings this week will be focused around the Y3/4 Statutory Spelling List. If you are in Year 4, take this as an opportunity to revise these words so you are confident before moving up into Year 5.

If you are in Year 3, then use this as practise time to get ahead ready for being in Year 4!


Think of little ways you can remember the spellings of these words, maybe break the word down and say it slowly to yourself, maybe say the sounds of the word in a silly voice to remember it. I always remember the word people by sounding it out as pe - ople. 


1. grammar                                  6. heart

2. height                                     7. important 

3. weight                                     8. medicine

4. probably                                  9. notice 

5. library                                    10. various 


Practise them first by doing look, cover, write, check and then when you are feeling confident, ask a member of your family to test you on them. How many can you get right?


If you feel like challenging yourself, then I have attached the full Statutory Spellings List so you can practise more of the words.

This week we would like you to create your own musical track. Use Busy Beats to form a dance tune, chord sequence or slow groove. You will need to select an option and then choose a variety of different musical instruments that compliment each other's sounds. When you are happy with your tune, make sure you save it in your class file on Purple Mash so your teachers can have a listen!





This week there's some learning to complete about our most important light source - the Sun.

Fill in the missing information to complete this task.


Hi everyone.  This week, rather than learn some of the french language, we are going to focus on some typical french food.   It is important to also know something about the culture of the country we are looking at.

Below is a link to show you how to make some french favourites, none of them are particularly difficult.  Have a go and impress your family with your cooking skills.  I would recommend you do this with an adult to stay safe, especially when using a cooker.  Enjoy smiley