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w/c 13.7.20

As this is our last full week in school, it will be a good chance to reflect on our time learning this year.  An important part of learning is reflected in our MANOR LODGE 10 learning behaviours.


Curiosity/Inquisitive                    Communication                           Concentration


Independent Thinking                    Risk Taking                          Self-Esteem


Problem Solving                          Resilience                              Perseverance




Which of these do you think you've developed in this year? 

Which ones do you think you need to get better at to become a better learner?



The link below has videos explaining the task and learning.

Print and use the pdf documents where you can write the answers down, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling.


Week 12- Metric and imperial units, time and timetables

Lesson 1 - Metric units of measures

Lesson 2 - Imperial units of measures

Lesson 3 - Converting Time

Lesson 4 - Time tables

When you have completed all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct.


There are also some related maths family challenges to on the next PDF - they look really fun.

(The answers are at the bottom of the page - no cheating! )


Letter Writing -  write a letter to your new teacher.  This is your chance talk about yourself and let your teacher know all about you.  You could include:-


  • things you like or dislike;
  • subjects you enjoy in school;
  • what you would like to improve on next year and why;
  • which of the Manor Lodge 10 aspects you are strong in;


You can use the Purple Mash website to write up your work here.


Remember to include your address, the date, the teachers address (at school), a friendly greeting (Dear Mr/Mrs), Sign off (Yours sincerely) and your name.  Each of those parts of the letter have a special place on the letter - make sure you put them in the right place.


Week 12 - Chapter 4  

Task 1 - Read the chapter/complete on-line multiple choice questions.


Task 2 - Complete sequencing and SPAG tasks (pdfs)



Task 3 - Open ended questions (pdf)



Week 4- words with silent letters

These are words that have letters in that you wouldn't guess were in the word when hearing it spoken.

Some letters which are no longer sounded used to be sounded hundreds of years ago... doubt, island, lamb, solemn, thistle, knight.


Unfortunately there's no definite rule to these - you will just need to know them.













Week 4: Dams and Floods

Do you know what a dam is? Can they be natural? Are they all man-made?

Take a look at the powerpoint/PDF about man made dams and find out how they affect the land around them.


The video to watch from the ppt/PDF is here...


Can give you at least two reasons why dams are built?  Do you know where any famous dams are?

What are the advantages and disadvantages  of building a dam?



Take a look at 3 dams around the world and the advantages and disadvantages they bring.  What are your thoughts about their effects?

Fill in the benefits/disadvantages boxes with your thoughts and research ideas.

P.E. / Sports at Home

Week 4-LINKS weekly activity 


Have a go at this week's exciting activities...

  • Marathon / Motivation Monday 
  • Twirling/ Timeout Tuesday 
  • Wheelie / Workout Wednesday
  • Team game / Thinking Thursday
  • Fitness / Fun time Friday


There's plenty to choose from.  Can you make it a bit of a competition with some of your family?



This week I'd like you to try some food science.  These experiments are quite fun and you can always use the ingredients in some food and homebaking (kitchen science) afterwards.

I shall be having a go at the making butter experiment (Nom).


Please remember, you can add any science that you do at home onto the Purple Mash website (using jpeg photos) for others to see your awesome work.

Have a great summer holiday - and I look forward to seeing you next school year.

Mr Howes