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w/c 11.5.20

Hello KS1. We have really enjoyed looking at the work you have been doing on purple mash and at home. We hope you had a fun day celebrating VE day on Friday. Stay safe and try and complete as many activities as possible. We will look forward to seeing the learning you have been doing at home.


I just want to say, well done for all the maths learning you all did last week! We really enjoyed looking through all the work and learning you have been doing! Keep up the good work!

Y2 – click here

Y1 – click here

Please choose the ‘Summer 2 – Week 3’


There is a video explaining the task and learning. For each lesson, there are a set of questions and answers. You can write the answers down, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling. After you have done all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct.

We have also set some a maths challenge for you to complete on Purplemash, which can be accessed here:
 Y2 –

 Fact families’ addition and subtraction

Adding and subtracting (activity 1)

Adding and subtracting (activity 2)


Y1 –

Number bonds (game 1)

Number bonds (game 2) 

Adding and counting on

Remember: Save your work once you have finished so your teacher can see it!


A squash and a squeeze by Julia Donaldson

If you don’t have the book, click here for a video of the book being read.

Task 1 – Read the story with a grown up and tell your grown up as much as you can remember about the story.

Task 2 – Can you draw and label all the animals in the story?

This can be completed on paper or on Purplemash here

Task 3 – Make a new page of the story in which the little old lady invites a new animal to the house. This can be done on paper or on Purplemash here

Task 4 – Can you listen to the story again and tell an adult all the rhyming words? For example fleas and squeeze.

Task 5 – Rewrite the story as a diary from the little old lady perspective. Write down what happened first and then which animals came in next.

Year 1- to write sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Year 2- to write some of you sentences using ‘and’ or ‘because’ and try and include a question.

This can be completed on paper.


Continue to read books that match your book band level using this link. After reading the book, answer the questions with a grown up.

Please email if you are not sure what your book band level is.

Please read the book ‘Anna and the Third Leaf’ and complete the activities.

For each chapter, can you complete the quiz?


Please complete the phonics activities that have been set for you on Purplemash. Remember to check your 2Do list on the home page on Purplemash for this.

Also, don’t forget to watch the daily phonics lessons on YouTube.


Can you create a spring scene using items from around your house?

Remember to use the spring checklist you completed last week to include all the features of spring. Make sure you label all the items you include. Be as creative as possible. Use different resources to make a college picture or even try to make it 3D! 


Watch this video and be inspired to make your own creative piece.

You can use a paper plate to start your dot, and add colours to decorate it. You could use a range of materials; pens, pencils, paint, stampers.


Try a printing technique by using any objects, such as a milk bottle lid and printing it on the paper.

What will you make?




From Miss Doman, Mr Lo, Miss Gascon and Miss Kelly.