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Number,shape,space and measure.

Here are some activities that link with the story to help your child with their maths. 

Practise your counting skills

Count in unison to ten, holding up one finger for each number spoken. One, holding up a thumb, two, holding up a finger as well, three, holding up a third finger, four,holding up a fourth finger and five, holding up the fifth finger and shaking the whole hand in the air. Then, starting on the next hand, six, holding up a thumb, seven, holding up a finger as well, eight, holding up another finger, nine, holding up a fourth finger and ten holding up both hands and shaking them in the air. Extend the count to twenty and try counting backwards as well.


Count to twenty along a number line. Then count to twenty along the line but do it wrong and miss out one number! Can you point to a number on your line that was left out? Repeat missing out a different number.


Try out this zoo animal counting sheet.

Days of the week

Listen to the day's of the week song and try to join in.

Calendar Muddle

Talk about days of the week and calendars and try to order familiar events

Make a calendar using the days of the week labels. Draw pictures of what happens on each day. Can we put on all the days in order? Which day comes first? Which day is next/after.../before...?

What day comes after today? What day will it be/was it yesterday/tomorrow?

What day comes after/before Tuesday?


Frog and Toad Together: A List by Arnold Lobel – this is a very funny story about Toad making a list of things to do in a day and then losing it:

Why don't you make a list of things to do today.


Days of the week labels