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Crocodile teeth

Crocodile needs your help, he has lost his teeth and needs you to put them back in his mouth in the right number order from 1 - 10.

Parents and carers can you help your child to recognise the numerals by counting up to the number from 1, name the numbers as you put each one into the mouth in turn.

To extend this activity you can place the number teeth back on the table and mix them up so that they are out of order once again. See if you can put the numbers back in this time starting with number 10 and going back down to 1.

Animal antics

See if you can collect together some of your cuddly toys  and put them in a heap in the middle of the floor (You will not need any more than 10)

  •  How many toys do you think there are? Encourage your child to work with you to have a guess.
  •  How can the Zoo Vet find out how many there are?

  •  Start counting them together. Ensure that you do not move the toys but try to count them in their pile. Ask -‘Did I count that one? Or was it that one?’ Tell your child this is really hard to do. tell them we need to move the animals to count them properly.

  • Count as you move them. One, two,  three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten (moving the last toy).How close were you? Did you guess the right number?

  • Repeat, placing a different number of animals in your line,or practise counting backwards from ten to one.

  • You could make yourself some number labels to help you with your counting.

Size and sequence

Using the toys that you have collected , discuss their size  and height and try to line them up from the tallest to the shortest

  • Measure the height of  your toys by stacking up blocks at the side of them. Which is the tallest/ shortest?

  • Point to the door. How tall is the door? Show the children the largest toy. Is your toy as tall as the door? No! Ask your child to stand up. Are you as tall as the door? No! Stand up yourself. Am I as tall as the door?

  •  Repeat to measure how tall or short your toys are. Which one is the tallest? Who is shorter? Which one is the largest?

  • Ask your child some questions to compare sizes

  •  eg :Teddy is taller than Rabbit.

  •        Mouse is the shortest.

  •        Giraffe is the tallest, Tiger is smaller but penguin is the smallest.

  • Find out who is the tallest in your family and who is the shortest.


Useful Vocabulary


tall,short, big,small, long,large

Use the game to help you put the size of the animals in order.

Decide if the pictures are longer or shorter.