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Number, space, shape and measure


This week we are looking at shapes.

How many different shapes can you think of?


What are the shapes called? How many sides do they have? Are they curved or straight sides? How many corners do they have?

Look at the sheet and see how many of the shapes you can name.

Shape sheet -2D shapes.pdf 


The Shape Monsters

Have a game with the shape monsters.

Shape Monsters is a fun, interactive 2D shapes game where children need to identify and match circles, rectangles, squares and triangles.


Each Shape Monster only 'eats' shapes which match its own body shape. When your child correctly selects a shape, that Shape Monster will tell you the name of the shape.

Shape monster game - ://

Activity sheet

Have a go at some of the activities on the sheet. Maybe you could choose some of the shapes to draw a picture of a castle like the one that the Giant in the story lived in.