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Covid-19 Assistance Grants

Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Grant

Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Grants are provided to support Sheffield residents who are having difficulties paying for food and other essentials due to Covid-19.

The grant can pay for:

  *   food and housekeeping (groceries, toiletries, baby essentials etc)
  *   essential travel costs (job hunting, starting a new job, medical appointments etc)
  *   telephone and broadband (mobile phones, top-ups, broadband charge etc)
  *   gas and electricity
  *   clothing, including school uniforms
  *   essential furniture / white goods
  *   rent in advance if you are under immediate threat of eviction due to Covid-19 and your landlord agrees to stop the eviction if we pay some or all of your arrears
  *   mortgage arrears that you can prove are because of Covid-19

It cannot be used for:

  *   paying loans
  *   statutory activities/requirements that either the Council or another public-sector organisation is responsible for delivering

Who can apply

  *   you need to live in Sheffield
  *   you are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to Covid-19 eg if you had your hours reduced at work
  *   or you are indirectly affected eg someone who you rely on is not able to provide you with essential support
  *   one grant will be issued per household except in very exceptional circumstances

If you need help to apply for the Emergency Assistance Grant call us on 0114 273 4567 and we will go through it with you.
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