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There are lots of ways to measure. Here are some practical ideas for you to try. Find different objects around the house or out and about that you could measure with. For example : cars, blocks, bricks, buttons, toys, stones or leaves. Young children also often like to play with tape measures, let them just experience and explore. They could also play with rulers and see how long things are, or use a spoon as a measuring device. Go around measuring to see if things are the same size, longer or shorter than the spoon.

Later why not make a paper chain. Talk about this getting longer the more links that you add. Then measure it and try to count the links together with your adult. You could make it into a beanstalk.


Key words for you to use :

long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest, large, small, tiny, high, low


Now have a go at some of these activities



Measuring leaves

How long are these leaves?

Use cubes, bricks, buttons, a ruler or whatever you have available to measure the leaves. If you cannot print out the sheet collect a few different sized leaves when you go out on your daily walk and measure those when you get home. See how many different sizes you can find. Measure them from the tip to the stalk.

Which one is the longest? Which is the shortest?

Beanstalk height ordering


Cut the beanstalks out, stick them down in height order with the shortest one first.

Measure the height of the beanstalks with your blocks, buttons or ruler.

See if you can read any of the numbers as you measure.

Have a go at measuring other plants and flowers to see how tall they are.

How tall are you?

Can you measure your height and the people in your family? - You will probably need your grown up to help you.

Who is the tallest?

The Tallest Monster

Where did the tallest monster go?
Help Grover find out which monster is the tallest.

Giant's footprints and hands

Who has the biggest feet in your house?

Draw around your shoe or your foot and use different objects to measure how long it is. See if you can find other shoes to draw around. Ask your grown up if you can measure their shoes or feet.

Do they measure the same as yours?


Now try to draw around your hands.

Who has the largest hands?

How many fingers do you have? 

Are your hands bigger or smaller than your feet?


If you cut out your paper foot or hands you could use them to measure different items in your house.