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There are lots of ways of measuring! Before you try the worksheets, here are some practical ways of measuring.

  • Find some objects around the house for example, toy cars, stones, teddies, plants. Can you find which is the tallest? Which object is the shortest?
  • Can you get all your teddies and put them in order of the shortest to the tallest?
  • Can you find out who is the shortest in your family and who is the tallest person in your family?
  • If you are growing plants, have a look and see which plant is the tallest/ shortest?
  • If you have a ruler, can you start at 0 and see how tall things are in your home? Try measuring a cup, chips, a book, or a pen?


Key vocabulary to use: tallest, shortest, large, tiny, high, tall, short.

The Polar Bear Length Song

Watch a song about comparing height! Can you sing along? Can you use objects around your house to measure how high you are?

Order the animals from shortest to tallest!

Use a ruler or blocks to measure how tall each sunflower is!

Use the paper foot, or your own foot to measure these items in your house!