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Activity 1

First draw six circles. They don’t have to be perfect or in a straight line. The important part is to get to the counting part as quickly as possible. Ask your child for a few numbers  up to 10, or 20 if you think they are ready. Explain that you would like them to put the same number of beans, counters or buttons in the circle as the number. Then draw or make marks to show the same amount of beans in each circle.You can repeat this using different numbers.

Activity 2

Climbing the beanstalk

Setting up the activity

You will need:-

A long cardboard roll

Paper or card

Lollipop or craft sticks

Cotton wool

Scissors , pen and glue


First, cut ten leaves from paper or cardboard. You can add more up to 20 if you like. Stick the leaves onto the sticks.Then make slits in the cardboard roll for the craft sticks to fit in. Number these slots to correspond with your leave sticks.

For the giant’s castle: cut cardboard in the shape of a castle and add  windows and doors with a marker. Glue this onto the top of the cardboard roll together with the cotton wool for “clouds”.

Let your child add the beanstalk leaves, here they will need to use their number recognition skills, counting skills and fine motor skills. Climb and count up the beanstalk! You could use a Duplo man as Jack and count as you climb up and up. When coming down from the castle, your child can count backwards until Jack reaches the ground. With any leftover cardboard you could make an axe to “chop” off the leaves (pulling out the sticks) so the giant can’t get down!



Activity 3


Make your own castles for counting from old cardboard tubes. Label your castles with numbers, you don’t have to stick the numbers on just use sticky tack , that way you will be able to change the numbers around or add harder ones. Use straws to make flags and try to put the right number of flags into each tube.