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The Very Hungry Caterpillar story has given us lots of opportunities to practice our counting and ordering skills. Here are some more activities for you to try.


Counting and ordering numbers

Use the grid to cut out the images and stick them in the right number order.









Subitize Rap

Subitize is the ability to tell the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. In this subitizing song name the numbers in each set of dots.

What is subitising?

The ability to recognise numbers of things without counting them is called subitising and it develops from a very early age.  Young children have powerful visual memories and some find it easier to remember images than words. Subitising can help children to build visual images for numbers, which in turn helps them to learn number facts.

Roll and colour - subitising. 

Have a go at subitising, see if you can recognise the right pattern of spots on dice to match with the correct number. Shout the number out to your grown up.


Now see if you can do the worksheet. Roll your dice and try to recognise the pattern before you count the number of spots. Use this to help your colour in the piece of food or fruit with the same number. If you would like a challenge roll two dice and add the numbers together then colour.



Make a paper chain link caterpillar.

Try to count the number of links that you add. You could make more than one caterpillar and compare how long they are.