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Learn to Count with The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

Learning to count with the hungry caterpillar - numbers 1-10 .
Help the very hungry caterpillar by counting how many pieces of food he can have for dinner. Encourage your child to interact and count from one apple to ten sausages.

Here is a fun number activity for you to have a go at. Can you use your fingerprints or draw circles to make caterpillars that have the right length body - don’t forget to count one each time. Draw or paint one circle for each number you count. If you cannot print the worksheet you can make your own using numbers 1-20. Which caterpillar has the longest body? Which has the shortest?

Count the fruits that the caterpillar munched his way through.

Can you draw pictures to show me how many pieces he ate each day?


I have put a Hungry Caterpillar food chart activity on Purple Mash too for you to try as well.

Click the link here