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Before you try the worksheet, here are some practical ways of taking away.

  • Find some objects around the house for example, toy animals, pennies, peas.
  • Have a certain amount, for example 8 toy animals.
  • Take an amount away, for example 4 toy animals.
  • Ask your child “how many are left?”
  • Then help them to say the number sentence: “8 take away 4 makes 4 left over” and “8 subtract 4 equals 4”. It is good to get used to saying it both ways.

Here are some example questions to practically complete:

  • There are 10 peas on a plate. I eat 3 peas. How many peas are there left?
  • I have 7 sweeties. 4 of them get eaten. How many are left?
  • There are 4 pencils. 2 pencils break. How many are left?
  • I have 6 stones in my garden. I have lost 3. How many do I have left?
  • There are 9 ladybirds. 2 fly away. How many ladybirds are left?

Key vocabulary to use: subtract, take away, left, equals.



Try writing the number sentence for each question. For example, 8 - 4 =

Use a number to help you!

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Rabbit Takeaway!


See the amount of rabbits, some hop away! Count how many are left! Choose numbers 1-10 or 1-20.

Subtraction worksheet.


Click on this PDF  and have a go at doing the subtraction worksheet.

Subtraction Worksheet