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Sequence the story

Think about the events that are in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

What happened at the start , in the middle and at the end ?

Use these questions to help you talk about the story with your grown up.

Who did Jack live with?

Why was Jack taking the cow to market?

What did Jack swap the cow for?

What did Jack do when he heard the giant shouting?

What was the scariest part of the story?

What do you think might have happened if the giant had come down the beanstalk?

If you had a beanstalk , what would you like to find at the top of it?


Now draw some pictures or use the worksheet to put the events in the right order.


Story sequencing

Story retelling with puppets 

Create your very own puppets for the Jack and the Beanstalk story, you can use the sheet or make your own from whatever resources you have. When you have finished retell the story to your grown up or tell it to your toys. Try to remember all the characters - the people and  the animals.

Words that might help you :- 

Jack, Mother, cow, old man, Giant, Giant's wife, harp, hen, goose. beans, beanstalk


Character sentence match

Read the sentences with your adult. Can you match the pictures and sentences together.Try to think about what each character might be saying.