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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

Watch and listen to the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Can you answer these questions?

  • Where did the caterpillar come from?
  • What day did the caterpillar hatch?
  • What did the caterpillar eat on Tuesday?
  • How many strawberries did he eat?
  • Can you remember some of the things which the caterpillar ate on Saturday?
  • What happened after he ate the nice green leaf?
  • What happened at the end of the story?
Daily activity

Days of the Week

Learn the days of the week with these fun songs!

Each day have a go at writing a simple sentence about something which you have done today. It might be something you have eaten or what you played or where you went.


Parents: help your child to think of a very simple sentence – about 4 or 5 words eg I had toast for breakfast or I played with my doll/lego or I went to the shop.

Ask them to use their sound mat to help them to write the sounds they can hear – even if it is just the first sound or a few sounds in a long word like breakfast. Encourage them to sound out words like had and shop (h-a-d, sh-o-p) and to look for tricky words (I, to, the, my etc) on the blue side of the sound mat.

You can find a Letter Sound Mat on the website in the Helpful Resources for Learning section

You can write on this sheet.

Activity Two

Can you draw a picture to show where the caterpillar came from and what happened to him in the story? Write some labels. Remember to use your sound mat to sound out the words.

Challenge! Can you write a sentence about what happened in the story?


We would love to see your learning! Take a photo and send it to


Remember to keep practising your handwriting!