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Activity One

Can you change the story? Remember this is something which we have done many times at school – just before school finished we changed our Three Little Pigs story.

  • Who is your new baddie? Describe him or her to your grownup.


  • Where does the new baddie live?


  • What does Jack steal from the new baddie?


Use the story map which you made last week and change it to create your own story.  You can draw your new ideas onto post-it notes or small pieces of paper and stick them over the giant, the castle and the hen on your story map. 


Once you have finished, play teachers with the people at home and tell them your new story using your story map.


Challenge! Can you change the beans and the beanstalk in the story too?

Activity Two

Tell your new story again.

Can you write a sentence about your favourite part of your new story?

Adults – help your child to keep their sentence short (4 or 5 words) and use the Tips for writing to help you. Don’t write a sentence for your child to copy. Support them to sound out the words using the sound mat. It doesn’t matter if the words are not spelled correctly.


Challenge! Can you write 2 sentences? Make sure you use the blue side of your sound mat to spell digraphs.

Activity Three

Think about the baddie in your new story.

  • What do they look like?
  • What clothes do they wear?
  • What makes them really bad and scary (eg sharp claws, loud roar)
  • What evil powers do they have? 
  • What is their personality like eg sly, stupid, cunning, fierce?

Try to use as many “wow words” as you can.

Draw a picture of the new baddie in your story. Write some labels eg sharp teeth, big nose, magic wand.


Challenge! Can you write a sentence about your baddie using some wow words?