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Literacy activities

The Zoo Vet



Activity One

Visit one of these zoos

Dublin -

Paignton -

Edinburgh -


What animals can you see? Talk about the animals with your adult and remember to use words like horn, tusk, mane.

Can you draw a picture of your favourite animal and write labels to describe the different parts of their body?

Remember to sound out the words and to use your phonics mat to help you!



Activity Two

Visit one of the zoos again.

This time think of a sentence about what you saw. Can you write it down? You can use the special piece of paper if you like.

Remember to say your sentence first and clap the words to remember them. Make sure you use your phonics mats to write the sounds you can hear!

Adults – help your child to keep their sentence short (4 or 5 words) and use the Tips for writing to help you.


Challenge! Can you write 2 sentences? Make sure you use the blue side of your sound mat to spell digraphs.



Activity Three

Can you invent your own zoo?


Tell your grown up what would be in your zoo. What animals would you have? What things would there be for the visitors?


Can you design your zoo and draw a picture of it on a big piece of paper? Think about the things you would need to have in each enclosure. Think about what the animals eat and the sort of place they live in the wild (in a forest, near the sea etc)

What would polar bears need? What would monkeys need?

Remember to write labels for each part of the zoo eg shop, tigers, meerkats etc


Remember to keep practising your handwriting!