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Do you know what a vet does?

Take a look at this video!

I Want To Be a Veterinarian - Kids Dream Job - Can You Imagine That?

The Zoo Vet Story

The Zoo Vet! This is our new book that we will be focusing our work on. Listen to the story or ask a grown up to read the story. We hope you enjoy the story just as much as we do.

Activity One

Now listen to the story with your grown up. These questions are for you to talk about with your grown up.


Before you start reading the book

  • What job does a vet do? Have you ever been to a vet? Who do you visit when you are poorly?


When you have finished the book

  • Can you remember what was wrong with each animal?
  • How did the vet make the animals better?
  • How do you think the tiger was feeling? What do you think she said to the vet? How do you think she hurt her paw?
  • What happened to the vet at the end of the story?

Activity Two

Read The Zoo Vet again.

Which is your favourite part of the story? Talk about it with your grown up.


Can you write a sentence about your favourite part of the story?  Remember to say your sentence first and clap the words to remember them. Make sure you use your phonics mats to write the sounds you can hear!


Adults – help your child to keep their sentence short (4 or 5 words) and use the Tips for writing to help you.


Challenge! Can you write 2 sentences? Make sure you use the blue side of your sound mat to spell digraphs.

Activity Three

Watch the vet video again.


Pretend you are a vet and use your teddies and toys to be the different zoo animals. It is best if a grown up or older child can help you play the game so that you do lots of talking and use the words in our vocabulary list.

  • What is wrong with the animal?
  • Which part of the animal’s body is hurting?
  • Can you examine the animal? Remember to check its temperature!
  • What will you need to do if you think it has a broken bone?
  • How will you make the animal better?


Use the patient’s record document to write down what is wrong with the animal and how you are going to make it better. You can make your own patient record on a piece of paper if you don’t want to print this out.



Remember to keep practising your handwriting!

Try to use these words when you are talking about and playing games about our story.