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Letters and sounds


  • Before you read the book

  •  Think:- What job does a vet do? Have you ever been to a vet? Who do you visit when you are poorly?


  • Read 'The Zoo Vet' Story

    • Read through this week's story, ‘The Zoo Vet’, with your grown upYou can find the link to the book on our front nursery page.

    • After you have read the story, discuss what it was about. (You can use the 'Animal Adventures' vocabulary to support this discussion.)

    • Did you like the story? What was your favourite part? Do you have a favourite animal?

    • Can you remember what was wrong with each animal?
    • How did the vet make the animals better?
    • How do you think the tiger was feeling? What do you think she said to the vet? How do you think she hurt her paw?
    • What happened to the vet at the end of the story?


  • Story Sequence

    • After you have read our new story, see if you can remember what happened.

    • Use the story sequence cards (see below) and see if you can put the story in order - Which part comes first?

    • Re-watch the story if you get stuck or once you have completed it to check if you were right.


Story Sequence Cards

Vocabulary: Try to use these words when you are talking about the story or doing imaginative play.

  • A Vet for the day! 

    • Our story is all about a Vet who works at a zoo to help make animals feel better.

    • Pretend you are a Vet and use your teddies and toys to be the different zoo animals.

    • Can you look after the animals and make them better again? 

    • Do they need the same help or do they need different things?

    • Use the Zoo Vet story to help with your own ideas.

    • You can use the Patient details sheet to draw and write about what is wrong with the animals.

    • Also see the link below and watch the video to find out what it might be like to be a Vet.


Patient Record (role play)

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