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Literacy, Letters and Sounds

Activity 1

Think about the Giant in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Can you describe how he looks to your grown up? 

Why was the giant cross?

How tall is the giant?

What does the giant shout out to Jack?

What does the giant look like?   


Sentence starters

The giant looked .....

When the giant spoke he .....

The Giant's voice was .....

The Giant wore .....


Parents and carers try to encourage your child to speak in full sentences, praising their attempts.

Can you use some of these words in your sentences : huge, enormous, angry, gigantic, loud, grumpy,rude,ugly,nasty, scary,mean,curious

Now have a go at drawing the giant.


Activity 2

Look at these pictures of the Giant’s castle.

Describe what it looks like to your grown up.

Now draw a picture of the castle that the giant lived in.

Parents and carers try to encourage your child to have a go ‘play writing’ and mark making using their pre-writing skills. If your child is more confident you could have a go at labelling your picture. 

Things to think about

Where was the giant’s castle?

What did it look like?

How big was it?

What was the castle made from?


Words/sentence starters to use

In the clouds, the castle .....

I can see .....

It has and ......doors.

Castle, clouds, Jack, tall, huge, enormous, giant, stone, brick

Activity 3

Remember to keep practising your name. Try to write it on your pictures.



Practise your phonics by trying to choose a daily activity each day. Phonics games are fun ! Find phonics ideas under the 'Quick daily activities'tab on the Nursery & EYFS homepage.