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Half-term activities

Hi KS1, 

We know how hard you have been working for your grown ups at home, and we hope you have a nice relaxing week off for half term. We have got some fun activities here for you to complete if you would like to. Stay safe and enjoy your week. We can’t wait to hear about everything you have been up to!

From Miss Gascon, Miss Doman, Mr Lo and Miss Kelly.

Here are some more activities..


Listen to Julia Donaldson’s story, ‘Stick Man’ here.


Can you go outside and collect some sticks. Can you make your own stick family by gluing or tying different sticks together? You could also use different materials for his arms and legs. 



Can you make a 3D model of stick man out of tin foil? Manipulate the model into different poses from the story. 




Listen to Julia Donaldson’s story, ‘The Gruffalo’, here. 


Can you find different materials and make a den for the mouse to sit and enjoy his nut?

Oh no, it starts to rain! Is your den waterproof? Test to see if your den is waterproof. If it isn’t, can you redesign your den using waterproof materials? 


Have you ever wanted to taste Gruffalo Crumble? Here is the recipe so you can make it with a grown up..

Alternatively, you can make some playdough, with this easy no cook recipe.


The glycerine is optional and doesn’t need to be added. 

Enjoy your week!