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Oxford Owl e-Reading books

The Oxford Owl website has free e-reading books. You will need to create a log-in to access it.


You can select books according to Book Band Level. Look in your child’s reading diary: we will have written which book band (Pink or Red) they are on.

You can also check which books will be suitable for your child by clicking on Which stage is my child

and completing a short reading task with your child.


Remember to “walk through” the book first: talk with your child about what is happening in the pictures and introduce the characters before you ask them to have a go at sounding out the words. They can find sounding out every word very tiring so don’t worry if you don’t finish the book in one session.


Remember to keep practising all your tricky words and to do some phonics as often as possible. 


It may feel too much to do a full YouTube phonics lesson every day. Use your judgement as a parent and have “rest days” when you do the Quick Phonics Activities instead. Make sure you always move onto the next video lesson and don’t skip any.


The quick phonics activities on this website in Quick Daily Activities>> Reception FS2 are designed so that your child can revise previous phonics. Some days it will be better just to do a quick activity from this pack.