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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed and intended to nurture pupil learning behaviours and mental well-being.
We call these learning behaviours 'The Manor Lodge 10':


Curiosity/Inquisitive          Communication         Concentration        

Independent Thinking

Risk Taking            Self-Esteem          Problem Solving

Resilience       Perseverance     Collaboration

We have clear learning intentions shared with pupils and parents:

(for) Pupils 

(for) Parents

We all Aim High


Relevant and aspirational for all groups of pupils

Our learning builds by the day, week, term and year on year

Progressive, challenging and sequential


We are proud of ourselves and where we are from

Represent and meets the needs of its community

We have a thirst for knowledge

A curriculum designed to promote shared experiences with their children

We are all special

Challenge social inequalities

Learning never stops


Provide experiences outside of the classroom

Curriculum Implementation  

We run a geography/history topic-based approach to our programme of study. We try to establish links across subjects (where appropriate) to help pupils make connections and apply a cognitive fluency across learning. We try to match Science, Art, D&T and Music to our topics, whilst retaining a focus on the progression of skills in these subjects. PE; PSHE and SRE are taught as discreet subjects. We teach French in MFL.


Whilst there are some connections between subjects, we also recognise specific learning, knowledge and skills within discreet subjects when applicable.


We are proud of our diverse community and want to ensure that we tackle social inequalities wherever we can.

Therefore we will always see if we plan for the following:

  1. Choose a range of authors and books written by a diverse range of people
  2. Provide inspiration for our pupils through women and me who have pioneered achievements in society.
  3. Encourage a consideration for a future by thinking about the environment and our world
  4. Ensure that our local area is considered and its history and geography and how we can use this knowledge to unify our community
  5. We provide experiences outside the classroom to enhance pupils’ learning
  6. Utilise our local community to support us as a school (for example, our links with the local Doctor’s Surgery and allotment work)


Through a partnership of a knowledge and a skills-based, topic-led approach, we will ensure that:

  1. The skills of reading allow comprehension which develops knowledge
  2. Skills are dependent on knowledge and some knowledge is dependent on skills
  3. Knowledge is generative
  4. Knowledge empowers



At Manor Lodge Community Primary School, we also pride ourselves on the fact that our curriculum focuses on a blend of both skills (practical application) and knowledge (Key concepts, principles and information) in order to be inclusive and to meet the diverse needs of our community.

The balance of the delivery of skills and knowledge is carefully adapted by our staff and responds to a personalised knowledge of our pupils.


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