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Bridge Investigations


Our story focuses on a bridge that the three billy goats gruff need to cross to reach the luscious green meadows on the other side.

  • Look for pictures of bridges - bridges over roads, railways and water; bridges that carry people, cars and lorries, trains or water. Encourage your child to think about the way the bridges that they see have been built, what materials have been used and how they could get onto the bridge for instance -walking, up steps, in a car.
  • Then use a variety of blocks, boxes pots and small role play toys to construct your own bridges. You can make your own bridges from whatever materials you have or draw a picture of a bridge.
  • Count the number of boxes or blocks it took to make your bridge.
  • Measure how long your bridge is. Remember you don’t have to use a ruler ( Eg: how many lego bricks, pencils,finger lengths long.)
  • Make goats or a troll and with your child position them in different places. On, under, next to try to put as many positional words as you can think of.
  • Test your bridge to see how strong it is.

Draw a picture of the Troll

Can you draw a picture of the troll from the Billy Goats Gruff story. Is he big or small? Fat or thin? What colour should he be?

You can do this on paper or on Purple Mash. 

Click the link to take you to the Purple Mash page.