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1. Symmetrical Butterfly Painting

Paint your own symmetrical butterfly. All you need is: paint, paper, a pencil and scissors. Follow the video below to see how it is done. Once you have finished send us a picture of your beautiful butterflies!

Symmetrical Butterfly Painting

Want to learn how to paint symmetrical butterfly colors? Follow Caitie's step by step guides on how to make this butterfly craft!

2. Nature Identification

When you are outside, try identifying the different birds, plants, mini-beasts or animals you find. Use the sheets and websites to help start you off. Good luck explorers! Let us know what you find.

Mini-Beast Identification Sheet

Garden Birds Identification

Identifying Trees and Leaves
Animal Identification Website

3. Coco the Butterfly Cosmic Yoga

Follow Jamie on her Cosmic Yoga adventure. This week she tells the story of Coco the butterfly. Listen to the story and copy the moves to get a good stretch.

Coco the Butterfly

Follow Jamie's yoga poses as she tells the story of Coco the Butterfly.