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Creative Home-Learning

1. What Treasure did you find?

In our story, Jack found a chicken that laid him golden eggs. It was his treasure! Can you draw Jack's chicken? Or maybe you could draw your own Giant's treasure? 

2. How does our food grow?

Watch the videos below about how different vegetables grow. Do they all grow in the same way? Do they all need the same conditions to grow? Talk to your grown up about what you see and what you have learnt. Maybe you could have a go at growing your own plants? Or drawing the vegetables growing on the farm?

Earthy Potatoes: how do potatoes grow?

Find out how potatoes start life underground before being picked for us to buy in the shops.

Crunchy Carrots: from farm to fork

See how carrots grow in the ground, to in the shop and onto your dinner plate!

Budding Broccoli: from picking to packing

Learn about the differences between broccoli crowns and purple sprouting, and how this super veggies gets from farm to fork.

Crunchy Peppers: from farm to fork

Learn how peppers grow from a flower into a fruit before being packed into bags, ready for you to buy in the shops.