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  • Mini Mash - The Vet 

    • Look on Mini Mash for ‘The Vet’ in Simple City (link below)

    • Explore the vets and learn what a Vet does

    • You can have a go at designing your own vet so you can help the different animals

  • Make your own Binoculars 

    • Make some binoculars to look at the different animals at the zoo

    • You will need:

      • 2 cardboard tubes/toilet rolls

      • Either sellotape, glue or staples (to put the tubes together)

      • Any other decorating materials (e.g string, paint, glitter, cotton wool)

    • Stick, staple or glue the two tubes together. 

    • Once they are firmly stuck together decorate the binoculars to make them unique!

    • If you have some string you could attach these to your binoculars to hang around your neck

  • Join in with animal movement 

    • Follow Jamie on her Wild Safari adventure! (link below)

    • Can you move around your house like different animals? Maybe find your own music to move to after your Safari adventure

    • Could you move like a monkey, a lion or an elephant? How do they move? Do they all move the same or do they move differently?

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