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Cool SCIENCE Activities

Hello Manor Lodge scientists!

So, here we go again - Lockdown 2 - the Revenge!


I'm updating this in January 2021 to let you know what's coming up in your learning, as well as adding in some extra things to do and watch.


This half terms' topics are Human Lifecycles for the Y5/6 classes and Rocks, Soils and Fossils the Y3/4s.


Check out the lessons on ClassDojo, where over the next weeks until we return to school, we will earn facts, skills as well as science investigations. 


I will try to get a few extra experiments set up that you can try - look out for them on the sections below.

We've got this, Manor Lodge.  Let's Science!


Mr Howes

Purple Mash Blog

The Purple Mash science blog (2Blog) will still be active this year, so please feel free to add any posts of your own pictures or write about anything sciencey that you find out about or do.   You can upload JPEG photos of science stuff that you like or even describe experiments you've done at home.


Please follow these rules for Blogging. 

  • Only post "Sciencey" things and topics.
  • Don't post photos of yourself that can be linked to your name (remember, your online safety is important)
  • Be kind when commenting or replying to posts. Any negative posts will be noted, deleted and then follow up conversations will be had...sad

Many Thanks,

Mr Howes

Y5/6 Science Autumn 

The Human Lifecycle


As part of the topic for this year being about Animals including humans, it would be good to see a video of life cycles.



Here is a video about different organisms' lifecycles. Hopefully you will see the link that brings humans into the learning and understand lifecycles a little more.

How does the human body grow? | BBC Teach

Presenter Zoe talks us through the process of human life, using graphics to show how we grow inside the womb.Brother and sister Jamie and Ella are used to sh...

Y3/4 Science Spring



Who knew Rocks and Soils could be so interesting!  Take a look at these videos about Rocks

Rocks - Year 3

A short topic summary of rocks for year 3 KS2 science.

The 3 different types of NATURAL rock.

Still image for this video
Here's a video I made a few years ago - any excuse to get some ROCK music into my lessons!

Be a Rock Detective!

Did you know that of all of the NATURAL rocks in the world, there are only 3 main kinds? What are they? And how can you tell them apart?