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Hello Manor Lodge scientists!

I hope you have all had a lovely Summer break and are ready to do more in-school and on-line learning!


This half terms topics are on Earth and Space for the Y5/6 classes and Electricity for the Y3/4s.


Lessons will have a familiar feel to them with exciting lessons, facts and investigations.  However, the use of sharing resources will be limited.  This doesn't mean you won't be doing cool experiments though! You will be!

See you in a class very soon!


Mr Howes

Purple Mash Blog

The Purple Mash science blog (2Blog) will still be active this year, so please feel free to add any posts of your own pictures or write about anything sciencey that you find out about or do.   You can upload JPEG photos of science stuff that you like or even describe experiments you've done at home.


Please follow these rules for Blogging. 

  • Only post "Sciencey" things and topics.
  • Don't post photos of yourself that can be linked to your name (remember, your online safety is important)
  • Be kind when commenting or replying to posts. Any negative posts will be noted, deleted and then follow up conversations will be had...sad

Many Thanks,

Mr Howes

Y5/6 Science Autumn 

Earth and Space


As part of the topic for this year being about Space, I thought it would be cool to see some astronauts at work on the Space Station 240 miles above the Earth!

WATCH NASA: Earth From Space - Earth Viewing cameras ISS feed #RealTimeTracker

Nasa Astronauts at work! 24/7 Live Views from the International Space Station, Earth is seen from cameras aboard the International Space Station. Watch the E...

One of the really hard things about Space is trying to get an idea of the SIZE of things.  We live on a huge planet that supports so much diverse life (from tiny bacteria to huge whales) in millions of different forms.

But how big is Earth compared to other things in the universe?

Take a look at this video.  

I always get a science headache when watching this, because...just.....look ...... at.... the ......SIZE.

Y3/4 Science Autumn 



Electricity is always cool to watch and use, if done SAFELY.  Here's a video of an experiment that uses a TESLA COIL to make lightning!

Science Max - TESLA COIL Electricity