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Hello Y5/6.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful half-term and had fun completing some of the activities we put on the school website for you.

Here is your Home Learning for this week: 1st June 2020. We hope you have a great week!

Don’t forget you can send your completed work or photographs to  and we will try to get as much as possible onto the school website for all to see! You could even attach it to a Purple Mash e-mail or upload it into your Purple Mash folder.

Morning Starters

Open the Power Point and complete one or more of the activities each day!


This week’s English tasks involve watching a video clip using the Literacy Shed. Be as creative as possible with all the tasks and we look forward to seeing what you produce.


The link for each year group will take you directly to the web page you need for this week. There is a video explaining the task and learning. For each lesson, there is a printable question sheet but you can just write your answers in a note book or on paper if you want, or tell the answer to a grown up or sibling. When you have completed all of the questions, check the answers to see if you were correct.

Y5 -

Y5 – Lesson 1 should be – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers.

Y6 -

Y6 - Lesson 1 should be – Fractions to percentages.

We have also set you some maths challenges to complete on Purple Mash, which can be accessed here:


Remember: Save your work once you have finished so your teacher can see it! To do this correctly, click on the exit and save button – you may need to save it to your file in the class folder.




Time for the next exciting instalment of our current book, ‘The Lost Myth of Mathos’. Will Mathos hand over Perseus to the Kraken and Chrysaor or will Pegasus suffer eternal pain? Read Chapter 4 to find out what happens next!

Task 1: Read Chapter 4 and complete the multiple choice questions. These have been set as ‘to do’ tasks on Purple Mash.

Task 2: Complete the Lost Myth of Mathos activities on the school website. Mathos – Chapter 4 - Sequencing and Mathos SPAG.

Task 3: Have a go at the retrieval and inference question sheet - Mathos Retrieval and Inference. You can write your answers on paper, share your ideas with an adult or sibling or you can use a writing tool on Purple Mash to record them then save them in your folder.

Task 4: In Chapter 4, Mathos and Sariena decide on a plan, but what could it be? Use ideas from the story so far to have a go at writing the next chapter!


Here is this week’s spelling. Try to practise these every day and have a test at the end of the week. Good luck!


Read through the Power Point and then make your own poster all about the oceans and why we should protect them.


Design and Technology

Here is a recipe with instructions for making rock cakes. Have some fun with this!


Hi everyone, this week I'd like you to have another look at this activity, but try something new.  Make sure to choose BEGINNERS at the start. If you use the arrow there are a huge amount of subjects and games to choose from.  On the first screen choose WORDS, if you get good at some of these, then move up to SENTENCES.  Have fun learning - 

from Miss Dale


Have a lovely week, stay safe and take care. We are still missing you all very much!

Mr Fletcher, Miss Ventour, Miss Parsons, Mrs Spicer, Miss Sykes and Miss Oliver


This half term's science is continuing with LIGHT.

This week I'd like you to take a look (no pun intended!) at your eye.  How does it work?  Have a look in a mirror or at someone else's. Unfortunately this can't be done at 2 metres apart, so it'll have to be done with someone from your own household! 

Look at the different parts of the eye from the diagram and match them to a picture of the inside of the eye.