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EYFS (Foundation Stage)

Curriculum Content and Summary


Foundation Stage 2

Foundation Stage 2 continues to build upon the strong start provided by parents, Manor Lodge Nursery School and other local providers. When children join us consider the needs of the children, their interests and stage of development.

There are seven areas of learning in the Early Years curriculum. The prime areas are communication and language, physical development and personal social and emotional development. We provide quality experiences and support children to make progress, build relationships and be enthusiastic for learning.

We provide adult-led mathematics and literacy activities and support children to use these skills independently. We encourage children to take home reading books and key words to work with their families for five minutes every day.

Children will be involved in child-initiated learning and be given opportunities to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world and express themselves through art and design. The curriculum is taught through a continuous provision of practical activities, visits and planned purposeful play as young children learn through real experiences. When planning activities we look at how children learn and observe children playing and exploring, being active learners and creating and thinking critically.

Outdoor learning is in important part of the Early Years Curriculum. It provides opportunities for children to develop their physical and social skills. It encourages children to think independently and have a ‘can do’ attitude to learning.

At the end of Foundation Stage children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals. A profile will be completed for each child and will inform parents and teachers with a well-rounded picture of children’s knowledge, understanding and abilities. The profile also informs Year 1 teachers about children’s stage of development and learning needs as they move onto the National Curriculum.